Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An interesting observation

I have been very impressed with the food in Croatia and Germany.  It has been excellent; prepared to the finest standards and displayed artfully as one will note in my photos posted on my past blogs.  I have not been disappointed with the wine.  I generally order White Wine Semi Dry and it has all been delicious.  The only time was on the train to Berlin when I was served an Australian wine!  I am sorry, the Australians do not know how to make wine!

We have also noticed on our trip that the beer and wine glasses in some restaurants come with a measurement level indicated on the glass showing exactly how much alcohol beverage one has received!

I imagine this has been done to assure people that they are not beiIng cheated.  Of course, in fine restaurants and hotels one does not see this marking.  However, in local bars and on the train it does appear.  We also noticed the the level mark does not include the "foam" on the top of the beer!  Quite ingenious if I do say so.

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  1. Eating my heart out in New York...