Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowers of Europe

One of the things I was most impressed with was the abundance and variety of flowers one finds in Europe in the Spring. From the fields of Rape to the many different tulips and the flower vendors in the market square, Europe is filled with beauty and color this time of year:

Even the lowly Dandelion and its seed are prevelant in the landscape and lend their own beauty and color.

Everywhere you look, in every space, you will find green trees, plants or a profusion of flowers. Europeans know how to decorate using nature as their backdrop.

Germany, especially, is rich in gardens, parks, tree-lined boulevards - a truly "green state" and I will miss it.


  1. "Europeans know how to decorate using nature as their backdrop."

    Great observation, Sharon. I lived in Queens, NY for a number of years where many Europeans settled. I knew several first and second generation families who settled there. And yes, they had a knack for decorating with nature. I was also impressed with their ability to grow tomatoes and other vegs and fruits in the city, particularly Italian immigrants. They also made some pretty nice wine.

    My Great Uncle (Polish) had an amazing floral garden behind his house with concrete, maze-like, walkways weaving around his small but extrodinarily landscaped backyard.

    You took some really nice photos.


  2. Hi, as i go through some of your blog post i came about these beautiful flower post - they are absolutely beautiful!

    Glad i stumbled upon your blog.