Friday, May 1, 2009

A Final View of Zagreb

On my last day in Zagreb, Joan took me on a walking tour of the Old City. On the way we passed more Lilies of the Valley and Lilacs (eat your heart out LaGringa!) so I took in the last scent of these wonderful flowers.

We visited the Botanical Gardens which was a ablaze with blooming flowers of every description. We purposely stopped at a department store so I could purchase another pair of long pants to protect me from the cold. The department store was very impressive with another great stained glass ceiling and beautiful wrought iron railings.

We took in an exhibit of ethnic costumes of not only Croatia, but other continents too. The handwork on the clothing was unimaginable and the detail paid to the emblishments evidentially had been painstakenly done and took hours and hours of work. All items were in perfect condition and I wondered if these displays were reproductions. However from my close observations of some of the items that were not in glass cases, I could see the handwork and there was no doubt that these were pieces that had been done in centuries past.

We were close to the Palace Hotel and Joan took me inside to witness the poshness of it! There were wonderful modern wall designs of highly polished wood, again stained glass in the ceiling and elegant drapery. We stopped at the Millennium Ice Cream shop and I had the richest ice cream I had ever experienced; Mon Cherry, which was dark chocolate mixed with luscious cherries. Yummmm. I topped that off with a slice of mousse. The mousse was light and cool and without much taste but it was perfect after the heavy, rich ice cream.

We saw the old railway station that had been a stopping off point for the old Orient Express years past, lots more statutes and tree-lined avenues with huge sycamores. We rode the electric tram along the longest street in Zagreb and finally returned home by bus.

The day was topped off by going to a hidden little restaurant up in the hills near St. Mark's church. Located nearby the Church is a shrine with an icon of the Virgin Mary. Evidentially, the only city gate preserved from the Middle Ages, Kamenita vrata, was burned down in the first half of the 18th century. "Miraculously" (the word used in the literature), the only thing saved in the fire was an icon of the Virgin Mary which still occupies its prime spot on the wall. It is in a small, dark alcove where the faithful come to pray, light candles and place flowers.

We passed by the Lotrscak tower overlooking the City where every day at noon a cannon is fired commemorating the gratitude King BelaIV of Hungary showed the city when they provided him with a refuge after he fled the Tartars who had ravaged Hungary in 1242.

We arrived at a small restaurant at the foot of a steep path which overlooked the city. Sorry, but I did not write the name of the restaurant down so if you ever want to visit it you must contact my friends there and inquire. I am determined to taste different foods from the countries I visit and that evening was my chance. David ordered marinated octopus for a appetizer and offered me a taste. It was delicious. Joan ordered Monkfish which has a taste close to lobster with a texture between fish and lobster. If I find that fish on the menu anywhere, I will definitely order it as it was excellent. I, once again, chose veal and I must say that in all my life it was the most tender, best prepared veal I have ever had. We topped the meal off with plenty of wine and conversation.

The downside of that evening was that when I attempted to take photos of the sites we passed on the way to the restaurant, I found I had left my photo card in the computer back at their house! Drat! Oh, well, guess I'll just have to return another year to take photos that eluded me.

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  1. Cool trip!
    And you get to go back to your island paradise.
    thanks for sharing.