Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buying Power!

While in Europe one may wonder just what purchases they should make that would make a lasting impression when they return to their home land.

Like America, Europe has many possibilities open for the buyer.  In my travels I have found that purchases that can be made are just as varied as those in the States:

For material things, there are objects that can only be bought in Europe:

A Bavairan Hat:

Masks from Venice:

And, for Gator fans, a Gator mask:

Certain beers, although unusual, and wines direct from the winery.  I know, there are wineries in California, but I’ve never been there!

And things I wish they sometimes had in the states: Musicians entertaining on the streets:

Quality travel by train and comfotable train seats:

Of course there are things of necessity:


Vegetables and fruits sold at open-air markets in the center of town.  Also, the sale of Rhubarb (which only people from the northern U.S. will recognize.  I had a wonderful desert in Germany of rhubarb and strawberries which brought me back to my childhood!


And artfully prepared dinners and scrumptious deserts:

Of course, I could not buy an Ostrich, but I was able to buy ostrich steak at a restaurant outside Schwabisch Hall which was delicious and had a light beef taste to it.  (No, it did not taste anything like chicken!).

Some things we can get, but not in the size I ran across:

King-sized lemons and homemade cheeses of good quality:

Now, I know you can buy crocs in the U.S., but wooly crocs?

Of course we can find bikinis, scarves, ties and leather gloves, but a wooden motorcycle?

And Disney stuff can be found, but her in, Italy, Pinocchio is the real thing!

There are other things that one cannot replicate: a view of the city

Surfing lessons in the middle of Germany:

And, certain varieties of flowers not available at least in Florida:

There are vegetable and fruit markets in every town I visited; wandering trucks that sell cheese and eggs and bread and sausage.  There was even a stand that sold coconut water!  Maybe Guanaja could make a small fortune off running water over raw coconut – as shown in the photo:

And let us not forget, CHOCOLATE!

Seafood is in abundance and is displayed in many areas, unlike Florida where it is just advertised on the menu or sold in the grocery store:

And, I doubt that the Roman soldier was for sale, but how many do you see on the street corner in the U.S. of A.?

In Europe, they even have to make their ballpoint pens fancy encrusting them with fake jewels on the top.  A little tacky for my taste, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

There are a lot more things available here but, unfortunately, I was busy taking photos of ruins!  Go figure.





  1. Hmmm... I think someone is going to miss this excitement in days and months to come.


  2. I'm overwhelmed! Did you take an empty suitcase with you?