Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conch Festival

It is time once again for a week-long celebration in Guanaja!  Over the years the inhabitants of the island got better and better with planned activities, decorations and expanding the repertoire of the festival so that this year the Conch Festival just got better.

This year is really special.  Everyone is trying harder at being more creative and offering more in the way of entertainment and fun. And this will be a year that the children get more out of the festival than in the past.  

First of all, on the second day of the Festival there is a family day at Graham's Cay.  Also, from what I hear there will be para-sailing demonstrations by some world class kiters, and of course, lots of food and entrainment.  The 3rd and 4th day will see parades in various hamlets bringing out the children (and adults) dressed in costumes.  Once again, even before September 15th (Independence day), the children will be making music on their drums.

To top this off, on Wed., July 30th, there will be lots to see, eat and experience.  And, there will be special games for the children at Manati along with a new ride: the Twister.  

The Rumms' (managers of the Restaurant), came up with a brilliant and inspired ride for the children (and adults too).  They erected a 50' pole (well anchored I must say) and from it suspended a cross beam by 4 ropes.  The idea is that one person sits on either end and another person pulls the beam around the pole winding the ropes around the post.  The "worker" pulls the beam to get them started and the riders start whirling around until they reach the bottom where the things begin to rewind and they have another go at getting dizzy.  There are 3-legged races, bobbing for apples and many more games for the children. 

There will be stands selling German Beer, sausages, pork, SpƤtzle, a German homemade noodle, and potato salad.  There will be a stand selling handcrafted items along with jams and Mango vinegar.  And for sale will be a variety of plants, bags of potting soil and containers for those who delve in gardening.  The big plus will be appearing, Guillermo Anderson, Honduran Singer-Songwriter,and world-renowned famous music artist to entertain one and all.  

From the 31st on to Aug. 3rd, there will be more marching bands allowing the children to display their talents and a new addition, children's games on the Cay.  The final day, the re-enactment of Christopher Columbus' landing, will include a skit portrayed by various children of the island in costume.  Every year the skit gets more creative and interesting.

And, we must remember, there will be "float parade" of boats decorated to arrive at Soldado Beach for the re-enactment.

So, if you are bored and want some fun, entertainment and a good time, as they say in the South; "Come on down!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014