Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guanaja's Big Shake

Ok, it was not a volcano but the latest news is the my island received a 7.1 earthquake and that is news.

Normally we have little shakes now and then just to release the pressure and it has been a long time since the island had something that would cause items to fall off the shelves and walls! However, this morning at 3:24 a.m. (according to the news reports), the island receive a good shaking. The jolt woke people from their sleep, threw items off shelves and walls and, in general, gave everyone a good scare.

Reports were that the center was located 80 miles NE of LaCeiba which would put it pretty much out in the ocean. A friend of mine spoke to me on the telephone this morning and by his figures the center was about 30 miles away from the island.

Since I am still in the U.S. I am depending upon newspapers for any and all reports. Reportedly 4 people have died in Honduras with a possible 40 injuries. Guests in the Gran Hotel Paris were said to have been heading for the doors and water could be seen coming out of the pool. It was also reported that the bridge in Progresso collapsed which means the connection between that town and San Pedro Sula is blocked!

Reports from Guanaja were that two after-shocks were felt. Supposedly many phone connections have been lost but, fortunately for me, I was able to reach my husband this morning who, at the time had no reports of any damage to give me.

So while the Cay, pictured above, is still reeling from the shock of being shaken out of bed with an early wake-up call, so far I have not heard of any deaths or injuries and hope that this report will not change.

As my husband says, "It's always something."


  1. You leave for what? a couple of weeks? and the whole country starts to fall apart... sheesh!


  2. Sharon, I saw your article yesterday and just didn't have time to comment, but I was so happy to hear that you had no damage. I was worried about your husband and house since I saw that the epicenter was much closer to you. I'm sure he had quite a ride!

    It was pretty exciting here in La Ceiba, even though we were farther away than you. I think all of Honduras was pretty lucky considering the intensity of this quake.