Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Lime by any other name is still a Lime

When we first visited Honduras back in the early 80’s we were introduced to the Limón.

It is pronounced “leemon” and since that word sounded like “lemon” we thought that was what it was. After tasting said limón we advised the individual that this was a lime not a lemon. However, since the word in Spanish for lime is limón which is also the word for lemon there was no way we could make the people understand! So we accepted the fact and forgot about the discrepancy.

Well, we moved to Honduras and ever since then have tried to explain to people here what the difference is. Why no lemon trees grow in Honduras is a mystery. We have 2 lime trees in our backyard and a friend of our is attempting to grow a lemon tree however it is too early to tell if the tree will produce lemons! We have the feeling that if there are no other lemon trees around when the tree ultimately flowers it will not have a neighbor lemon tree to pollinate it. Since there are only lime trees are present, thn the result will be more limes! But, this is just my theory and only time will tell.

In the meantime, our lime trees are in full fruit and producing copious amounts of limes. It would be great if we could sell them as they are key limes and juicier than the limes that get shipped to the island from the coast. But, about the time our limes come into season, the market is flooded with limes from all over so we do what any generous individual would do - we give them away!

I also make tons of lime juice to freeze and limeade to drink. I mix it with cranberry juice or orange juice to change the flavor a bit and drop pieces of lime into my coke for a change of pace. I make Key Lime Pie, Key Lime Mousse, Lime cake and use limes on fish. I freeze lime ice cubes to be used in drinks, I use it to deodorize my cutting board, am told it can be used as a relief from mosquito bites, is great for a sore throat and one can even lighten your hair with it! Of course it is great for eliminating odors and I've read there are many other uses for it, all which include the word "freshness." We have all used cleaning products with the scent of lemon, so why not lime I ask?

But, all these uses do not eliminate the many limes I have now dropping from my trees! The other thing that they produce are the little fruit flies. I think they can detect the smell of overripe limes from another continent! The minute one of the limes goes bad sitting in a bowl in the house, bang, the fruit flies appear! Where they come from when none were present before is a mystery, but they are there and in full force! My husband calls them "dog peter nats" and by any name, they are pesky. They don't bite but they fly around ones face and area where the offending fruit is and I'm constantly trying to rid my kitchen of them this time of year!

So, my husband continues to bring in bucket after bucket of limes into the house and I do what I can, with as many as I can and then I'm at a loss! At least I'm getting a lot of refreshing limeade to drink and as a boost to a coke, beer, margarita, or any rum, vodka or gin drink, it is an added improvement! So, in spite of the overabundance, I look forward to my new crop next year!

Sorry - mail orders for free limes cannot be filled!


  1. Ugh~ Proof read but guess I was not quite awake. Sorry for the grammatical errors, just too much to do and little time to do it in! Like sharing a computer!

  2. How about a mail order of seeds?!! I've started key lime seeds several times and then neglected them and let them die. I'd love to try again.

  3. I just read this week that basil repels fruit flies. If you aren't growing any, you could plant some and keep a little in a glass of water close to your limes. :)