Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food Frenzy

Of all the things I miss on the island, and I believe I have said this before, it is a variety of food; specialty food, good meat, great cheese, deserts, etc. that I miss the most. Most foreigners here would agree with me on this point.

My trip to Germany/Europe rekindled my interest in food and I came home wanting to try out new recipes on my husband. Unfortunately, 75% of the items called for in various recipes cannot be found on the island. I have found many ingredients on the Mainland, mainly in San Pedro Sula, but getting them here is not very cost effective. When I do go to the Mainland, and I had the opportunity to go to San Pedro Sula last week, I stock up on items that I have been wanting for my new creations.

Meanwhile, while in Europe I tried many new things: squid, octopus, Ostrich, deer, pizzas, marvelous bread, cheeses, various wines and beers and wonderful deserts! The food was amazing and varied. Especially good was the cheese, bread and ice cream! I had a double scoop of Almond Kirsch Ice Cream with Chocolate Ice Cream in Salzburg, Austria and had to return an hour later for another one. It was the best ice cream cone I've had in my life!

My friends and I did a beer garden tour of Munich where I finally tried a Radler (lemonade and beer combination). This is enjoyed by many and is a low-alcohol way of enjoying beer over an extended period of time. I had a rich hot chocolate in Kundelzau topped with whipped cream, some crisp wine in the Wine Cellar there and sampled many fine pieces of chocolate from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia.

Restaurant Herzl

I had an interesting Pizza at La Stella in Salzburg along with an interesting beer. The shopping district is along Getreidegasse Road and one finds everything imaginable.

My pièce de résistance was dinner at the Goldener Hirsch one evening. The restaurant is located in the Hotel Goldener Hirsch on Getreidegasse Road and was tastefully decorated. It is a casual, top-notch restaurant with low ceilings and wood paneled walls creating an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of bohemian times. The restaurant was once a ferrier's shop, where locals brought their horses to be shoed and which has become Salzburg's most illustrious restaurant, favored by government officials, world-class performers, and members of the international social set! A Maître d and three waiters tended to my needs and I was offered a wonderful variety of choices. I had a beautifully presented salad, onion soup and a shoulder of lamb, polenta with egg plant, a lovely wine and an after dinner drink which was a 95% chocolate liqueur. It was one of the highlight eating experiences of my trip.

I took a bicycle tour of Salzburg and upon completion I stopped at a wonderful little cafe called "What I Am" which served"fresh "feel good food;" salads, soups, sushi and the like. I had a bowl of soup with egg noodles that was spicy and very tasty. It was certainly what was called for as the day had been overcast with some rain and slightly cool and I wanted some nice soup to warm my body.

Of course, the reason for my trip was to attend the wedding of Judith Rumm, daughter to my friends, Claus and Annette who run Manati Restaurant on the island. The reception was held in a cozy little restaurant and was a German food delight.

We had champagne and pretzels after the wedding ceremony outside the Municipal building where the vows were exchanged.

We proceeded to the reception where we toasted the Bride and Groom and, before the dinner (which was a surprise to me), we were served coffee and the wedding cake. The cake was really special as the bakery had somehow superimposed a photo of the Bride and Groom onto the frosting of the cake, which was edible.

Later in the afternoon, after photos and visiting, we were served a typical German meal with Snitzel, sausage, potato salad, Spaetzel (a German homemade noodle) and a green salad. We were entertained by a band lead by the Father of the Bride and his friends. Champagne, wine and beer flowed and a good time was had by all.

Of course, as all German celebrations seem to go, the die-hard Germans keep partying until the wee hours of the next morning. I could not keep up with that and managed to hail a cab with some friends and return to my hotel.

<span class=Veltlinerstübli Monstein">

In Davos, Switzerland my hosts took me to dinner at the Veltlinerstübli which was in the small village of Monstein (established in 1717) tucked away corner of the Alps. Here, for the first time, I ate venison which had been prepared as a sauer brauten along with red cabbage, potatoes, salad and a red wine chosen by my host. It was an interesting meal in an enchanting setting. As with the Goldener Hirsch, the restaurant was cozy with low ceilings. We shared a wonderful desert but, unfortunately, with all the food I had enjoyed thus far, what type of desert it was escapes me! It was very tasty, as was all the food served in this quaint restaurant.

I have more wonderful meals to report on but will save it for the time when I blog about my trip to the seaside of Croatia.

Needless to say, as a gourmet experience Europe is my choice!

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