Monday, June 2, 2014

More Random Thoughts

I guess I’m totally removed from the world.  Heck, it’s “National Frozen Yogurt Month” and I can’t get yogurt here!  Yes, I know, my friends on the island say, “Make your own.”  But I barely have enough room in my refrigerator for all the necessities like chocolate, cheese, chocolate, wine, chicken!  

Then I look at the news and tell myself, “You live on an island, on foreign soil, so why do you worry about what goes on around the world, especially in politics, because you can’t do anything from here!”  I mean articles on “How to deal with on-the-road emergencies” and the fact that Justin Bieber said the “N” word, and which Hollywood star had her face/boobs lifted certainly are of no real interest to me.  Then, of course there is the world of war and politics of which I have no say for the most part.  Keeping up with politics on the island is of interest to me but, again, I have absolutely no say in what happens here.  I just want to stay on the straight and narrow, keep my nose clean so to speak, and enjoy the people that live here.  If I can help my community, I will.

As to World-Wide news; my friends say, read “alternative news”, listen to “alternative radio stations” instead of the local Fox, MSN, Newsum, CNET, etc. to get a more rounded opinion.  And I think, “Why”?  So what if I learn about all the bad things going on in the world or the things that I don’t quite agree with or get a slanted view?  By listening, just what can I do from here?  Voting is difficult at best when elections are held in the U.S. and then why would I vote in the local elections as I am not there to live with the consequences?  Yes, the Presidential election year is important because I can then vote for someone that I think will help my country and the world. So, I think of the Maxine saying: 


I do read the news but don’t get upset with what is going on because it is the same thing year after year after year; just a repeat of the same problems.  So, I focus on what is going on where I actually live.  I focus on keeping in touch with people around me.  I focus on one day at a time.

Now I like keeping up with recent medical news so that I am aware of strides made to improve one’s health.  I like reading articles that take me back to yesteryear and reminiscing.  I have no interest in automobile advancements, reading articles on how I can survive retirement (hey, I’m there and have been for 17 years so I guess I have survived), and I have very little interest in 10 obscure facts about Norma Jeane (a/k/a Marilyn Monroe).

My focus - keeping informed with things that are relevant, enjoying life, helping others, keeping my house clean and my body exercised, reading, crocheting, sudoku, visiting, and planning my next vacation.  Shallow huh?  My center is my world and I think it is best if I concentrate on that since I do live on a remote island.  I try to keep in touch with family as best I can as I miss the connection I cannot get just with e-mails.  But, that is all I have so I keep writing them in order to know the things I’m missing out on!  So, I think of cute things to send to my Grandchildren, like:

 Fact:  In the future I'll tell my Grandson's that I am older than the internet.  It will blow their minds forever!

Everyone says “we are living the good life” and I think, the good life is what you make it and we have just as many problems, on a smaller scale, as people all over the world.  Think young, act young, be young, but remember “you are older than you will admit!  HA.

I'm not old, JUST have been young for a long time!

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