Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonnie's Debut

On the evening of my husband's birthday party, when most people had departed for their homes, Claus, Annette, Mike and I and Bonnie and Bob stayed on talking, playing Farkel (a dice game) and just talking about life on the island.

How it came about, I will never know, but it began with the music! Bob was behind the bar selecting tunes and must have hit the magic combination as Bonnie began to dance. Now, Bonnie is a very fun loving, energetic woman with a great personality that shines. She began dancing and I saw that we were in for a high-power evening.

Don't ask me what came over us but while under Bonnie's spell, we did as she bid! Annette, who is a great dancer, at times could not keep up with Bonnie's gyrations. But, between the two of them, they put on a good show, as shown in the photos. We, naturally, joined in and had a great time:

Then Bonnie had an inspiration and hopped (well, climbed) up on the bar and began dancing. She taunted the rest of us to join her and not to be out done, I decided I would be the one to complete the act.

Believe me when I say, climbing up on a bar is not recommended AT ANY TIME because of all the things that could happen (there's my Mother's voice in my head saying "ARE YOU CRAZY? If your friend jumps off a bridge are you going to follow?"). But, it was late and no one was around and so, like a fool, I ignored my Mother's warning voice.

Here's what it looked like:

After that episode we thought, OK, we'll just sit back, listen to music and relax. Bonnie had other thoughts. Someone told her she should try out the drums as we had been talking about the days of the Manati Guanaja Boys Band that use to play in the restaurant on occasion. Bonnie needed no coaxing and, as the photos show, she took to the drums like a duck takes to water!

First and second photo: The "instructor" giving her drumming points and the student paying attention:

The third and fourth photo: She starts "getting her feet wet" and then gets "cool"

The fifth and sixth photo: Her instructor steps in and her husband joins the group.

The seventh and eighth photo: What can we say? She's a natural

Last photo: Bonnie advances to a vocal while drumming:

A good time was had by all and, no, we were not drunk, just a group of people having a really good time. I did catch some of the action on a video with my camera. It was the first time I had ever tried that with this camera but it turned out better than I had hoped. I am making an attempt to put it up on YouTube and will let everyone out there know on another Blog, where they can go to see it!

Just remember, we have to make our own entertainment here and what we do may seem wild (well, OK, it is), but it is all done in the name of fun --- and we had some fun!



  1. The birthday blogs were a hoot! Looks like Bonnie was letting it all hang out! And you up on the bar!! Good thing your mother wasn't there, right!?

  2. I have sent the video of Bonnie's Debut to YouTube where you can watch it at:
    At first I thought there was no sound recorded but the second time I watched it - hooray! Sound!
    So, hope you all enjoy!

  3. What an action packed edition! I would have been laughing so hard at you guys dancing on the bar! I bet everyone was in stitches. So sad about your cheesecake, it reminds me of my last trip to Nicaragua and how I had hand carried a bottle of rum back with me, only to open the car door when we finally got home and the bottle came tumbling out on to the garage floor! I almost cried..


  4. Wow!! Some folks have all the fun. And then some! Sure do miss everyone
    down there.. Say hi to Bob and Bonnie for us. See you in a couple
    months.. Dance ON!! Jim and Ann in Vermont

  5. I am thinking about going to Grahams Place for a week. Do you think it is a good place to do a little fishing and to get away from the weather with my wife? Is it a good 'deal'. I have not been to the island before and am traveling a long way so want to be sure. Enjoy reading you blog by the way!

  6. Hi David
    Hi -

    Graham's is a lovely place and if your wife does not like "roughing" it, she will like it too. Just bring bug spray!!! We have bone fishing here and a couple of guys that run a business taking people out on the flats. Weather is usually good in February but I cannot promise anything as it is "winter." We have unusually calm seas for a couple of months and less rain than usual this time of year. There is also George and Ginger's Clearwater Paradise Resort but they don't have the beach Graham's does. Food is good at Grahams and excellent at George and Gingers. This side of the island is the calmest this time of year so going to Graham's now is a good choice. You can check both places out on the web and make up your mind.