Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner - next week to be exact - and I still don't have my turkey, green beans, stuffing mix, canned pumpkin, etc. Every year I make my speciality, Pumpkin Bread and, of course, I have to have the whole turkey dinner to accompany it!

This year all I could find in town was canned Cranberry Sauce (at $2.50 a can). No one has turkeys or any of the other accompaniments so I now have to fly to LaCeiba and see if I can find a bird!

Of course, going to the coast this time of year is difficult. We have already cancelled a scheduled flight to see the doctors in San Pedro Sula because of weather and with all the rain we have been having last month and this month it will be a challenge to get there and back in one day.

I have feelers out and friends in LaCeiba and on-line are looking for possible turkey sightings! I have my list all ready, my airline ticket in hand, and a determined attitude.
Of course, while spending $150.00 round trip to go to the coast (need to count additional airport tax in this), I'll need to pay taxi drivers to haul me and my booty around! I also need to look for other "stuff" to make this trip pay for itself. So I'm on the lookout for cheese, vegetables (the kind we can't get on the island), wine, Spanish books for my worker's grandchildren, material to sew, and new reading glasses. Just hope I can get it all done within the 3 hours I'll have.

Yes, 3 hours! We no longer have an early morning (7:30 a.m.) flight and now the plane doesn't leave until 11:00 getting me to the airport and into town about 30 minutes or more later. I must rush around and get the non-grocery items first as the stores all close at noon and then on to the grocery store and hopefully some lunch and buy a pizza to bring back for dinner.

So, if I'm extremely lucky (and fast), I'll get everything I need and come back the same day to fix a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for Thursday.

Wish me luck!


  1. I hope that you get everything on your list. I hope you find your turkey too!!!

  2. Well, I sure am wishing you luck and if you pull it off there should be a trophy for the effort.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. So were you able to get everything you went looking for?

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.