Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Gotta Have Friends

Living on an island and being away from family and friends is difficult at times. Family cannot be replaced, nor friends. At least, however, we are able to make new friends thus creating a cocoon of security. I say security but not meaning just having someone as a safety net to help out, but someone to share your thoughts, hobbies, compassions, time, or just to joke around with or have a serious discussion on a topic at hand.

Friends come in many categories; those you take into your confidence, those you share everyday events with, those you just greet with a hello and small talk. It is said that if one has one or two true friends you are indeed lucky. True friends are people that you can count on at anytime for anything and who will do everything in their power to be there for you.

We go through life with a variety of friends beginning with immediate families. We branch out to school chums and, as life rambles along, our co-workers join our group. We are introduced to new people and from them gleen relationships and/or friendships. Finally, at the waining years of our lives, we have hopefully created a final, strong friendship with a chosen few.

I am indeed blessed as I have 2 terrific friends I can count on for anything at anytime and 2 friends I can count on to support me in times of trouble with emotional support.

I have made new friends on the island and enjoyed the companionship of many diverse people. I have learned a lot in the 10 years I have been here and had my eyes opened to the world. I hope that the friends I have made here consider me someone they can count on too.

Living in a culture different from the one you were raised in can be frustrating at times! It is also educational and, I think at least for my part, teaches one more compassion, understanding and the desire to help others. I've always been a fairly giving person and to extend my help to others in need is my immediate reaction in situations where I see help is needed.

There are givers and takers in this world; I guess the balance of the two is what is necessary. I know a lot of takers and they seem to outnumber the givers, but that is who they are and that is what I am.

My husband often says, "You can't save the whole world" and in this he is right. However, in attempting to save just a few, one gains more than he or she puts into the effort. This is not just an attempt to gain friendship, which usually happens, or have someone "beholding" to you, but the fact that people continue to reach out gives me hope that man will not spiral downward never gaining any foothold on what is important in life.

I also believe that everyone has friends, albeit family, someone outside their circle, neighbors or people they grew up with. It would truly be sad to hear someone say they have no friends because that is indeed a lonely place to be. Thankfully, I have never run into such a person.

So, never forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you and that you love them. A true friend does not need that reassurance but it is always nice to hear.

So, I take this opportunity to tell my wonderful friends that I am thankful for their presence and how much I appreciate having known them. My life has been enriched beyond belief by each of you. I would post photos of you on this site but you know who you are and the photos would only be of importance to you and me!

So, get up and go out and make some friends or just renew old friendships by writing or calling someone today.

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