Saturday, July 21, 2007

Manual Needed!

Why can't life come with an instruction manual? Of course, would anyone read it, take it to heart and follow its instructions? I think not.

It seems to be human nature to stumble on in life ignoring advice. We always say that one only learns from their mistakes, thus confirming my thoughts on this matter. Of course, our parents loved us because we were fresh and easily molded and showed promise. When that didn't work, they continued to love us even though they could see that the job ahead was going to be long and arduous.

Our friends, who many times see that we are heading for danger, try to head us off but, at some point, I feel they even give up on trying to give advice as they feel it will be ignored. So, once again, through our own faults, we are left to our mistakes.

Our teachers try to guide us and drill into us the learning necessary to get along in life, be someone, set goals, and, in general, be a productive person. I wonder if it is because it is an institution that grades us that we pay a little more attention to what is being taught, or, is it because a new world has opened up and we are curious as to what we can learn? At some point, some people decide they know more than their teachers and, unfortunately, arrive at a point where they feel they have all the answers. So, once again. we are back to making our way by living by our mistakes.

The Church tries to provide us with a soul, honesty, love of our fellow man and a belief that all is possible. Then those very same religious leaders tell us that their Church is the only Church (or religion) and that if you do not follow their rules you are damned to hell. They wage wars on other religious groups (all in the name of the same God) and try to control the flock by setting rules to live by which limit a person's ability to be a true individual. I believe there is a "God" or some entity guiding our lives; I do not believe in the Church or organizations who have decided they are the true religion. I use to love going to Church just for the solitude and peace it gave me but refrain now because of the animosity shown by all religions towards one another. So, maybe in this case I am learning by my mistakes or the only choice I feel is open to me at this point and I can only hope that I am taking the right path that life has offered me.

Governments try to teach us by setting laws to help us when problems arise, or to guide us in the way we run our lives, or to offer us a means of education. What goes wrong here is when Government all of a sudden leans more towards those who are breaking the laws; they show them more concern and attention to the extent of totally ignoring those who have not broken any laws and are suffering because of the action of the few. Now we learn by the mistakes of others which are directed at us!

So, I guess it is what some people would refer to as "human nature" to continue on making mistakes - learning and trying to teach others by our mistakes. I know I have made plenty and tried to pass on my knowledge only to be met with a smile and nod and a "thanks" or "mind your own business". But, I continue to try with family, friends or people who seem to need help. After all, some day I might just get through and in the process I am learning indeed from my mistakes!

Don't you just love life?

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  1. I know what you mean. It's especially frustrating when people ask for advice and then don't take it -- "Oh, that won't happen to me!" Yeah, right!

    I've definitely given up on the people who need advice the most (money problems, drug or drinking problems, etc.). They are never going to listen.

    Even on a countrywide scale, I often wonder why Honduras can't learn from the (environmental, economic, etc.) mistakes of other countries and instead seems intent upon waiting for disaster to occur.

    Thoughtful post, Sharon. I enjoyed it.