Sunday, May 4, 2014

Time Marches On!

Haven't been too busy lately, just enjoying the weather and Spring.  My last post was about the flowers appearing in my yard.  Well, since then I've planted cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley, chives, basil and celery.  The tomatoes are producing at a record speed since I put in about 18 plants and cultivated a new spot to plant them in.

It has worked out well and here's some of the luscious tomatoes I've picked and am still picking:

Friends are happy when I share them with them and there is plenty to go around.  I have found my parsley and chives do better in pots and it took three cuttings off the bottom of a stalk of celery to get the plant to start growing and it has finally started showing signs of life.  Just hope it is not too hot to continue with it.  The basil is always successful but with the dry season here watering is getting a little difficult as we collect and use rain water to refresh the plants!

My husband and I spent the first week of April in La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula getting 1) residency cards renewed and 2) U.S. Passports renewed at the U.S. Embassy.  All in all, I don't really like working with any government as it usually involves foolish questions, a lot of paperwork and expense with delayed gratification.  This time we could not get the actual residency card as for a year now the Immigration offices to renew the cards have not had either the machines to make the cards, the laminate to finish them, the cameras to take pictures or, if they had all of the above, it did not work.  In 2013 we managed to hit them just right and got our card.  The week after that everything all over the country took a nose dive and is just starting to come back but still hitting glitches.

The U.S. Embassy was fairly quick and painless although expensive.  But, we did get our new passports in the allotted 3-4 weeks and now are good for 10 more years.

We did grocery shopping in both cities before we returned and the only incident was when the Security at San Pedro Sula airport decided that I had to open a can of Cream of Broccoli soup as it was suspicious.  I had 4 cans of soup and argued with them that I had a receipt showing I just purchased the soup that very day and they were sealed.  Nope, could not argue with them, they were set and they wanted the "pop top" on the can popped!  I was not happy and won't repeat all the remarks I made to people who wear blinders and refuse to think out of the box.  I opened one can and the man didn't even fish around in it looking for anything!  Don't know what he expected to be in a can of cream of broccoli soup but whatever it was, he was satisfied when I had opened the can and the soup was ruined.  Next time I plan on seeing a security officer in San Pedro before shopping to get a list of what I can and cannot buy to take back to Guanaja with me!

I finally found in La Ceiba a rattan chair to replace the one my dog destroyed (the parrot had a hand in the destruction too).  It is almost impossible to find rattan furniture in Honduras and finally, at Muebles Ali, I hit the jackpot.  Chose a chair and it was delivered the next week on the boat.  I hope to get some of the fabric and have new cushions made for my old chair.  He also says he can fix my other chair of which arms were chewed up by the dog, I just have to get it on the boat and to La Ceiba.

Earlier this year I had my 30 year old Rattan Couch recovered with fabric I found in San Pedro Sula.  A local here, Carlos, does a wonderful job and he did not fail me:

On May 1st my husband and I celebrated our 33 Wedding Anniversary and a small group all met up for lunch at George and Ginger's place (Clearwater Paradise).  We had a wonderful lunch, as always, as Ginger is a great cook.  A pleasant time and a beautiful day weather-wise.  Sometimes it just all comes together!

Soon Conch Festival will be upon us and the island is getting ready for this event which takes place in July.  Lots of activities and fun and beach time for all!

I also must make note that a new Bed and Breakfast has opened up run by Roland Rumm.  Located up the hill from Manati Restaurant, Roland's Garden Guesthouse is a lovely two story house with a beautiful view and lots to do.  Roland has not been in business very long but is getting bookings at a steady rate and has been rated 4 out of 46 hotels in the Bay Islands!  This is quite an accomplishment for such a new business and our hats are off to Roland. If you like a relaxed style, a great host, hiking, kayaking, diving, snorkeling all at a reasonable price, look him up.  Lovely accommodations, breakfast and airport transport included.  Check him out on-line.  Go to:

And now back to baking bread, reading and relaxing as it is Sunday!

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