Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Updates for 2013

Ok - for those who want me to continue, for those that have a passing interest and for those who are curious - here's another update for early 2013.

As I said earlier, we lost two dogs and acquired a new puppy, Desiree, and a feral cat, Smokey (I did mention Smokey did I not?).  Smokey was the second of two feral cats that have "adopted" us.  The first one, Spook, I wrote about a while back.  He lasted with us less than a week and died of unknown causes.  Smokey showed up a few months ago and was very weary.  He slept on top of the garden house with one of our other cats and came down to feed when we put a dish of food out.  Eventually he became accustomed to our daily routine and in no time blended in with our other pets.  As for Desiree, being a puppy the two older dogs wanted nothing to do with this rambuncious, playful character.  However, Smokey and her hit it off immediately.  They would literally chase each other around the yard taking turns as to who would chase who.  Desiree would bite her on the ears, on the head, on his legs and private parts which Smokey took in stride.  When he became tired of it he would rise up, growl and the chase would ensue.

Smokey was around for about 4-5 months (maybe more) and was a wonderful addition to our family of pets.  However, on August 2nd, a Friday, as we placed out food in the food bowls, Smokey was no where to be found.  He did not return the next day for his morning meal and 4 weeks passed without a sight of him.  I would like to report that he returned safe and sound but he did not.  We have no idea what happened to him, where he went or why. 

On April 21, 2013 one of the island Icons passed away.  Capt. Albert L. Veverica died at the age of 85.  Capt. Al had been in declining health for several years and the last 6 months he went downhill quickly. He lived in Guanaja for over 40years contributing greatly to improvements on the island.  He made it possible for people to get from one side of the island to the other by digging out the canal that runs by the airport.  He contributed to the building of buildings on the Cay and was one of the first people visitors saw when arriving on the island.  He was a great story teller embellishing his life experiences and entertaining all walks of life who visited the island with his charisma.  He was survived  by 4 sons and 2 daughters, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  He is fondly remembered and is greatly missed.

Next, I must report the birthday celebration of Jimmy Springer who turned 75 this month.  Friends helped him celebrate with a beautiful cake that his wife commissioned by a woman living in Mangrove Bight.  Happy Birthday Jim!

I am late reporting that Joan and David are now Grandparents.  Sadie was born just one year ago in Alaska and  was able to visit her Grandparents for Christmas in 2012.  She is an adorable child and we all had fun cooing and smiling at her.  Her Mom and Dad are expecting another child this October.  Our best to all of them and wishes for a healthy baby once again.

Conch Festival VI was celebrated this month on the island with week-long activities culminating with a boat flotilla to Soldado Beach with a re-enactment of Christopher Columbus' landing on the island.  This year there was a big blow out at Manati and Klaus and Annette (along with friends) even contributed to the boat flotilla by decorating a boat with various flags of nations around the world.  Good weather and great fun that week.

One of the strangest things that happened in our house was the appearance of a huge termite nest upstairs in my craft room.  I had been absent from my crafts for quite a while and a few months ago went upstairs to gather up some supplies.  Found this huge nest - only part of it is shown.  It was built up on a plastic 3 drawer container and went down to the baseboard.  After removing it we discovered that the whole underside of the oak table had been eaten away and was not salvageable.  My husband had built the table and it provide me with a good work base for years. Termites are a real problem on the island and they move quickly as this nest was built in probably a matter of a week or a little more.

My husband has been idle with his camera lately but managed to snap a photo of this rather large spider which had lost one of his 8 legs!  I'm just glad it was outside the house.  We have tarantulas and scorpions in the bodega which he discovers and relocates periodically.

While this may a partial update on what is happening at FeatherRidge, I cannot promise any weekly reports.  I know I have more news I want to share but am drawing a blank at the moment.  So, be patient and I'll try to post something more before the year's end.  I do want to post about my son's recent wedding in the Philippines and hope to do that soon.


  1. Great to hear your blogs again... They are filled with such great information and stories. I am one good fan that likes to follow them but I know that eventually one can run out of things new to say. May be taking a break and coming back to blogging is a better idea as event have time to build.

  2. Nice update! Glad to see you blogging again!