Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new project

I've been busy crocheting up items for gifts and then, while surfing the net, I found a really nice purse pattern.  My friend, Martha, left me some upholstery scraps which she picked up from a store and they no longer wanted the samples.  Martha suggested that I make small purses out of them.  I expanded on her idea and decided to go all out and do a purse for myself.

 The pattern I chose was fairly simple and straightforward.  I wanted to use my quilting template for the center, which is of irregular shape, and then sew strips of varying widths to each side of the shape.  Since the upholstery samples were limited in size (about 8 x 15 or so) this project would use several different designs but I tried to stay within the same color scheme.

Of course the downside of the pattern was that it was oblong in shape with the handles running up the middle of the pattern.  This meant that when I sewed the side seams and laid the purse open, the sewn "side" seams would become the front and my original design would be on the ends.

But, wanting to make a crazy quilt type pattern, I went ahead.  I covered the muslin pattern with all the material sewing each strip individually and adding as I went.  I found a lining material I had on hand and I was good to go.  Made the lining, put a long strip of fabric and sectioned it off for pockets on either side of the inside and then joined the lining and the purse.

Since the side seams were now the front I decided I would cover them with pockets and, hopefully, the design would be pleasing to the eye.  This gave me two extra pockets - one in the front and one in the back.  I put a metal magnetic snap closure on the front gold pocket and added an embellishment.
The back pocket was sewn with right sides together and the top left opened and hemmed.  I then turned the pocket right side out and then sewed to the purse.  Thus I had, in effect, two pockets; the inner one where I had left it open at the open at the top and a space behind the pocket.  This was an organizers dream! 

 Above it one end panel and the second photo is the other end panel.

This is the purse filled with my items to show how it hangs.  The best part was that I could put pockets along the inside on either side; 3 on one side and 2 on the other.  I now had a fully organized purse which was surprisingly lighter weight than some other purses I've had.  

I also finished a baby star afghan blanket for my friend Joan's first grandchild due in June.  I had a lot of baby yarn on hand that I wanted to use up and since most of my friends are well past the "birthing" stage of life and most of them have already had grandchildren, this was an excellent opportunity to use up the yarn.

I had never tackled this particular pattern before and, while it was fairly easy, I did discover a few "dos" and "do nots" while making it.  I plan on making her a baby cocoon as soon as I finish the wedding present for my Grandson and his fiancé who will be getting married in June.

So, I've not been sitting on my laurels, so to speak, and in spite of the fact that I have not blogged much I am still just as busy as ever with Yoga, crocheting, reading, gardening, laundry, baking and entertaining.  

Life must go on even on an island.

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