Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

A sunset for 2011

I really wanted to find time to reflect on this past year and make some profound statements but, as usual, the year has slipped out of my grasp and I'm typing this on the last day of the year trying to collect my thoughts and I'm drawing a blank!

So, here's just a few Christmas photos of decorations around the island.  Well, these are decorats that appear in just two locations: G&G's Clearwater Paradise and Graham's Cay.  Hope you enjoy them!

An island Christmas Tree
Santa and his Crystal ball
(Note the tiny train that goes around)
A Christmas Nite Light

Ginger's Santa Collection

A tribute to Rudolph

A Christmas Nite Light

Santa and the Crystal Ball of Dreams
(Cut train that runs around the base)

Ginger's Nativity Collection

A darling Bear Nativity
Love the "Bear" Angels

Graham's Cay

This year I did not decorate at my house, which is very unusual.  Circumstances were just not right and so my precious reminders of Christmas past lay dormant in the storage area.  But, next year, they will be out in all their glory to remind me of the friendship, love and happiness that makes up this season.

May 2012 be all you want.  May you live happily and in good health and may you enjoy the love of friends and family throughout the year.  To my children I send all my love, to my friends I thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and "being there" for me this past year and to my husband, may we have many more happy years together......if you do what I say!!!  HA and Ho Ho Ho!


  1. Your blog photos of Christmas decorations were very nice! Glad you got to G&Gs to see their display. That was not everything Ginger has but was very Christmas-y.!!

    Happy New Year to you and Mike!