Monday, August 29, 2011


The first form of entertainment we had on the island when we arrived in 1997 was a spectacular lightning show on the coast in July which we viewed from the front porch of the apartment we rented. It was better than watching fireworks!

With the advent of digital cameras my husband has been attempting to photograph lightning strikes and has had a few good photos in the past to show for his efforts. This past Friday and Saturday, however, proved to be an ideal theatre for his attempts. Both evenings we had electrical charged air with huge clouds and lots of lightning. Friday the clouds were quick thick and numerous so capturing strikes of lightning was limited. But Saturday! Well, that evening was great. Strikes could be seen at a pretty constant rate and since the cloud cover was smaller, he caught some good shots.

Reading about lightning further increases ones awareness of what is going on in the sky. There are so many different types of lightning and different situations create it. From thunderstorms to volcanoes, the sighting and photos of lightning has always been awe inspiring.

I hope you enjoy these photos.


  1. Those are awesome pictures! I love lightning. I witnessed a great lightning show while camping on the John Day river this last weekend. It had been 105 degrees that day, miserable heat. Then the clouds rolled in and the show began. The rain that followed was a real blessing and I stood out in it until I was soaked. I also saw an unusual shooting star. It didn't actually "shoot" anywhere. It just flashed very brightly two times. Kind of like a strobe light in the sky. Very neat to see. Thanks for sharing these great pics Sharon.

  2. Those photos are absolutely amazing. We've had some intense storms
    here, as well with Hurricane Irene. A good bit of Vermont is
    devastated - roads, towns, bridges, buildings.

    Take care and good luck with the rest of the hurricane season!