Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't blogged in a while as not much was happening. Finally, I realized that the little things that have been going on have been going on long enough to write an account of the past few weeks.

First, the weather! Normally, in May/June the weather is wonderful here; soft breezes from the East and temperatures hovering at about 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the last week to week and a half we have had a depression sitting off the area which seemed to suck the air out of our area and thus resulting in little wind. While it brought some much needed rain, without this breeze it is hot and, worse yet, buggy. Generally, on this side of the island, the wind blows the bugs away and cools us. In August/September we normally have the hot days with no wind, but rarely in May/June. Anyway, it has made doing any normal activity that much more difficult. For example, I have been doing a regime of Yoga 3 times a week and last week it was down to one day as it was just to hot to move. If I would have done it more, I would have turned into a puddle of sweat and disappeared. Well, ok, not entirely but it sure felt like that.

Then we had a fire. Right now there is a forest fire raging in Arizona presenting a danger to homes and businesses. Well, last week the workers on land about 1 mile south of our place evidently were ordered to burn off the pasture land and/or surrounding areas to clear off the brush for pasture. This is not the time of year to burn as it has been very dry. We did manage to have some rain about a week ago and it helped the trees and plants. However, it was not enough to reconsider any burning at this time.

Normally, one has to apply for a permit to burn, especially this time of year. I doubt very much that a permit was applied for as usually people just don't bother. The first year we lived on the island a fire ran rampant just behind our apartment and had been started down by the fish plant by the workers burning trash. Keep in mind that most of the people here take no precautions when burning; they do not have water or implements available in case it gets out of control, walk away and leave trash fires burning unattended and once it gets out of control they panic and leave the scene! Thus, the small trash fire that was burning at that time could have been put out had people been prepared or even decided to take action. Instead it raged on and, in spite of alerting the leaders of the town in plenty of time to take action, the request for help to contain the fire was turned down with the statement that they did not have the money to fight fires! So, it burned out of control, up the mountain and across the island destroying hundreds of acres of property. It took several days, as I recall, before it burned itself out.

So, last week we were up on the back hill of our property when I noticed smoke coming from the valley and hills to the southwest of our place. This area is used for grazing the cattle and horses of the land owner. I was dismayed that anyone would be burning this time of year because it was so dry and could not image a permit being issued for such an action (which it was not). I went back to the house and about 30 minutes later I received not one but 3 calls from people stating they could see smoke from a fire on our end of the island. I walked to our dock and that's when I saw that the fire was also burning on the side of a hill close to the water's edge. I can only say that the only thing in OUR favor was that what little wind there was was blowing south and west, away from our house. We watched as a couple of boats came down to investigate the source of the fire; one staying off shore (that of the owner of the land) and another boat with the Mayor and some other men on board. The Mayor's boat landed at a nearby dock and they walked out to observe the fire. Eventually they must have determined that no lives were in danger or property since this, basically, is an uninhabited part of the island, and left the scene without taking action.

We kept watch, from a distance, on the fire throughout the early evening and the next morning it had, indeed, burned itself out probably finding little to fuel its progress. Nevertheless, it was a frightening thing to watch considering that if the wind turned we would have been in its path.

Next, our computer started giving us problems. My husband first noted it in his photo program when he was having trouble retrieving various photos. Finally, the computer locked up and shut down. We made arrangements to send it to La Ceiba to TecnoComp for an analysis of the problem. We talked to Joel over the phone, an amicable young man who has assisted us effectively in the past with our computer problems. We first thought the hard drive was corrupted and were happy to hear later from Joel that the software was the only thing affected and that he would reinstall the software and could save some of our material. Of course we had to package up the computer and put it on a plane on Thursday to La Ceiba. We were told that once it reached the airport there that usually all items in "cargo" would be taken to the main office in the Mall where people could pick up their items. Well, the computer was not taken to the main office that same day or the next and Joel was only able to pick it up the following Tuesday! This was a worry for us as the more time the item sat in the airport or the office the greater the opportunity of it getting "misplaced." As it was, it was recovered, fixed and returned to us 10 days after leaving our island. We are now busy re-entering e-mail information, putting back important documents that were saved and re-installing programs we use.

Then, we had heard news of an excel in the thievery on the island. Normally, this time of the year the fishing boats are in and are restricted from putting out to sea until the end of June or first of July. Thus, the men are not working and in the interim are without funds. So, some of the islanders start stealing. Usually their targets are small boat engines, gas tanks, batteries, copper tubing, any metal they can resell or computers, cameras, etc. they can find when breaking into a house. Unfortunately, a friend of ours who lives near Savannah Bight woke up one morning last week to find that his big 22' cabin cruiser with a 200 HP engine was missing from the marina in front of his house! They had released it from the dock and rowed it around the corner to remove the engine. He finally found it near the old resort of Posada del Sol. The thieves had removed the engine and, for all practical purposes, wrecked all the cables that were attached. The incident was reported to the police but, for the most part, not much is done here about thievery. A recent meeting had been held with the Mayor, Chief-of-Police and the locals from the Sandy Bay area about the problem wanting to know what the elected officials could do about enforcing the laws and prosecuting the thieves. Long and short of it - not much. They only hold people who are caught thieving spend only 24 hours in the jail because of some ridiculous law restricting the time they can spend in the facility. Recently a thief was have caught, released after 24 hours, assigned hours of community service (which were greatly reduced) and when picked up to serve were found stealing again! I say, leave them in jail for at least a week or during the duration they have to do community service. It costs the Municipal little to nothing as they do not feed the prisoners. If you do not have family on the outside or friends to feed you, well you are going to be very hungry. Normally, this is not a problem as everyone has someone who will bring them food. Of all the laws in Honduras that are in effect and not enforced, this seems to be the only one that is strictly adhered to! A woman was caught with stolen goods and reported not only to the Mayor but the police. She was brought in for questioning but nothing was done as she was a single Mother. Hey, almost every Mother on the island is single! So, this is not something that should enter the equation. I have not heard whether or not she was assigned hours of community service, but I rather doubt it. So, the advice most generally given is if someone is breaking into your home or stealing and threatens you, shoot to kill and hide the body!

Next, we are in the process of painting our house. It has been 13 years since the original paint was applied and it needed to be re-done. I had our worker wash the outside walls on the downstairs level and my husband has been busy scraping the loose paint around the windows on the porch. He has also had to repair the caulking around some of the posts and we will have to replace one post near the back door that is rotting out. In the photo he looks so happy doesn't he? It took more than 3 weeks to get a new post from the Mainland as the first one ordered was crooked. We finally picked it up last week. I will start cleaning the walls on the second floor next week and our worker will be painting the downstairs now that the rain has stopped.

Finally, we managed to celebrate our friend, Renate's, birthday the 1st of June. Since our porch is in a mess and I wanted to have a small birthday party for her and I suggested that we hold it at her house. I told her I would bring all the food so she would not have to prepare anything. I made an appetizer, bought champagne to toast the occasion, prepared a new chicken dish with rice and a fresh vegetable medley, a pineapple cole slaw salad and my homemade French Bread. I made passion fruit ice cream for desert and brought extra glasses for the champagne toast. Renate was so happy, especially since this was the first time she did not have to do a thing! We had wonderful weather, a good meal, great conversation and were all able to spend a pleasant day with the birthday girl! Again, Happy Birthday to a wonderful individual, Renate and many, many more!

We did have two pieces of bad news; a woman, Carmen, who purchased land many years ago on the island with her husband passed away from a lung disease in Canada and Linda Murski's step-sister succumbed to cancer in Texas. Our deepest condolences to the families.

So, for now, that's all the news. With some of the summer visitors coming back late this year to the island, there is not much going on so, unless something exciting occurs - heck, even boring, I won't be blogging for a couple more weeks. Anyway, I'll be busy painting!


  1. It was great meeting you and mike last week! I wish we could have seen more of you. I fell in love with Guanaja and will be back as soon as I can. Thanks for all your tips and hints. We had a great trip! I'll keep up with all the latest news on your blog.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Always good to hear the news (or lack of it!) on Guanaja. Renata's party
    menu sounds wonderful. So nice of you!!
    Was the stolen motor Bill and Kate's. Who would have thought a 200 hp
    engine would be re-sellable! Very sorry! At times the Saudi punishment for
    thievery (cut off the thief's hand) seems appropriate. It's definitely a
    We are off to the States tomorrow. Boston area to visit David's sister and
    see the knee doctor is our first stop. Should be in NY by the weekend.
    Painting in this heat sounds awful! Poor Mike!! :)
    Love to you both!

  3. We have a little saying in Montana as it pertains to the protected
    wolves. "Shoot, shovel and shutup." Sort of the 3 S technique for
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