Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update on Lion Fish

As an update to my blog of January 4, 2010: Plans for 2010.

I direct your attention to this recent posting on the Internet:

You will see that divers on Roatan have trained the local sharks to feed on lionfish thus, hopefully, controlling this invasive species. It may be one solution to the problem and, hopefully, if it works there the divers of Guanaja could do the same. Of course, Roatan has a larger dive business than Guanaja and many more hotels so accomplishing this feat here would be, just that, a feat.

Guess if we can train sharks to eat something new and different, we can make Johnny eat his vegetables!

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  1. I just read that full article on National Geographic News. That is a great website! I was thrilled to see Honduras in the headlines. Invasive species are a very dangerous threat to habitats worldwide. Hopefully hunting by man and beast will help.