Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Falling Behind

Even on an island where everyone thinks we lay in a hammock all day and sip the "beverage of choice" we have, like people everywhere, duties and tasks which are done on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

I'm afraid that my trip to the States threw me off and I have had quite a time getting back into "sink" so to speak. I have yet to do my spring cleaning, I need to get out in the yard and pay more attention to the plants now that we have entered the dry season, I should gather up my recipes that have been waiting to be typed into the computer and complete that task, then update all my documents of importance on the computer, work on the quilt I started almost 2 years ago, burn some CD's that I have put off, and, in general, just get my butt in gear.

Alas, I have not been motivated! Yes, I have to be in the mood to do a thorough house cleaning which means rearranging book shelves, cleaning out and rearranging the closet, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, defrosting the refrigerator/freezer and the solar freezer in the bodega, putting up the winter bedding, washing rugs, moping floors, dusting, etc.

Instead I have managed to complete my Income Tax Form (only because we have a refund coming), update my movie lists to include the new movies I brought back with me, and I am in the process of updating computer information file. And, of course I have photos to go through and identify and a blog to keep up-to-date, to mention a few.

Instead ---

I am spending a lot of time crocheting baby things for the new grandchild due in July to Claus and Annette. I have really had fun crocheting baby things. I have managed to make a hooded baby towel, a bib, a baby cocoon (a bag-blanket to put the baby in), booties, a cap, a jacket, a "onsie" outfit and am working on some little crocheted sandals. I took time out to make a wedding purse for my Grandson's bride-to-be, Brandi, for their wedding next spring. I made a long vest for Annette's birthday which can be worn over her dress to perk it up. I made aafghan for my youngest Grandson while in the States during the final days of the trip and managed to complete it in record time so as to mail it to him before I left. I made and sent to my son's girlfriend a Poncho and a neck scarf for both of them for use in the cooler weather. And then, I just finished a pair of slippers for my girlfriend in Florida!

I have also been busy in the kitchen making new creations from a new cookbook; one of my favorite things to do. I found a delicious and quick sandwich recipe: Chicken Alfredo Stromboli. It was a hit and a "keeper." I have put off making ice cream and have to try out my new ice cream machine and I must thaw a turkey so as to enjoy meals from that (turkey is one of my favorite meats).

I have been busy helping out at Manati Restaurant for a large birthday last week and the week before a group of 15 people booked them for a lunch. Since normally only Claus and Annette are managing/working the restaurant/bar and the fact that help is hard to get on a part-time basis, I volunteered my services to help out.

Of course now that I've started Yoga that takes up my morning hours 3 days a week. At first I had to travel half way down the island to get to class by 8 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our instructor left for business and will return so now I at least do not have to make the boat trip. I do set aside an hour in the morning on those three days to keep up with the exercises. After all, the instructor will return and will be able to tell who has not been doing their exercises!

We have to go to the Coast next month to renew our residency cards which come due the week of Easter. Because of that timing, we will go before as traveling in this country is a disaster the week of Semana Santa! So travel arrangements have to be made.

My orchids are in bloom and I read that if one cuts them back after the first blooming there might be a second blooming. Since the orchids are early this year I'm going to give it a try. The problem being that they don't say how far to cut the long stem back!

Then, our two boats have encountered mechanical problems at the same time so I have to assist my husband with various "gopher" tasks!

So, this Spring is full of tasks and I am going to have to get in gear and have a talk with myself in order to get on the stick..... or, gee, I just found a really good book and then there is that cute baby blanket to make and oh, that chicken recipe seems divine..........


  1. Cooking and crocheting sound like a lot more fun than that other stuff. Missed you on HL, too.

  2. Yeah, I lean towards those two activities more than cleaning house. I mean, the house will get dirty again! Yeah, I know, people are always hungry and we have to make an array of endless meals. However, at least people will ohh and ahh - the house says nothing!
    Sorry, I haven't participated much in HL but I still check it out. Just have gotten lazy!

  3. ...And what was Mike doing while you were galavanting all around the U.S...laying in a hammock and drinking his "beverage of choice?" I think so! He could have at least helped out with some of the knitting ;)