Sunday, February 13, 2011

Every woman needs a "Wally" in their life!

I visited my brother in Casa Grande, Arizona as I had not seen him in over 6 years. He planned outings for us to view the sights of Arizona and was kind enough to set up a barbecue lunch with our cousin and some friends of mine that I had not seen in over 15 years or more.

One such friend was Wally, a man who has been my friend since we were 15 years old. When I contacted him to see if he would be traveling while I was in the States, he wrote and said that yes he would. When I told him I would be in Arizona he said that he would be in the area and would love to see me.

Wally has had a crush on me since we were teenagers and has put me up on a pedestal, of which I do not deserve. He is a true romantic, kind and generous, a great father and family man and a friend who would be there for you at an moments notice. So, little did I know that, no, he really would not be in the area but drove several hours from San Diego, California where he lives just to see me!

He arrived at my brother's home an hour early so we could visit before the rest of the company showed up. It was great seeing him and after the initial hug and happy greetings he handed me a big box of Valentine candy.

I have not gotten a box of candy from a man/admirer/male friend since, well I can't remember when. I was truly surprised and amazed that he would come that distance to spend one short afternoon with me and then, on top of it, hand me a box of candy.

When he left, late in the afternoon, I felt I just had to write about this fine person just so he knows how much I have appreciate his friendship and attention over the years. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart and correspond infrequently via e-mail he always remembers my birthday and sends me notes of inspiration and friendship.

Every woman needs someone who adores her and make her feel special. I am not writing this to boast but to simply express amazement that there is someone out there that thinks I am the perfect woman. When I am down he boosts me up and makes me feel like a Queen. I am thankful that I am fortunate enough to have someone, albeit misguided I feel, that thinks I am the most wonderful thing to have happened in his life!

So, the day before Valentines Day I want to thank my wonderful loving friend for making me feel like a special woman. Thanks Wally.

Yours in friendship always, love,


  1. Hi Sharon. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!! I loved your piece about your friend Wally!!!! What a nice surprise for you!!!


  2. LOVELY!!! I am blessed, that my fiance treats me like a Queen, everyday :) i loved reading your blog & am so happy to have stumbled upon it!!many blessings&greetings from Vancouver, Canada!