Monday, June 28, 2010


Once again our Anniversary rolled around and in spite of all my intentions, we did not get to celebrate the way I had planned. Weather or something interfered and we had to put off the “dining” out thing for a later date.

Finally, however, while a couple we know from Florida was here, Tami and Eric,I suggested they join us for a luncheon. I contacted G&G's Clearwater Paradise (a local diving resort) and made reservations. Yes, you heard me - made reservations for a 7-course meal. Yes, a 7 course meal! George and Ginger need a couple days notice to prepare a meal and the results are very much appreciated once you have partaken of their cooking.

I have reported last year about G&G’s place when we took Claus and Annette there for their Anniversary. We had such a wonderful gourmet meal (flooring you with these words aren’t I?) that I wanted to repeat the performance for our Anniversary.

G&G suggested we stay overnight in their well appointed rooms and have breakfast the next morning, but my husband worries about the fact thatwhe must feed our various pets and, generally, does not like to be gone overnight. So, I arranged a luncheon for the 4 of us on a Sunday.

The weather turned out to be great and we arrived at G&G’s at about 2 p.m. Ginger and George are a very entertaining couple and besides preparing a wonderful meal, the setting is well thought out, the drinks varied, and the conversation delightful.

Ginger started us off with cocktails and a wonderful hor d’oeuvers of stuffed black, deep fried olives! She stuffed the olives with anchoives, basil pesto and another ingredient, rolled them in bread crumbs and fried them to a wonderful golden color. Now, I’m not a fan of anchoives but considering how small the opening of an olive is I figured the taste would not be that strong. It was very, very tasty and I complimented Ginger the patience it must take to stand and stuff so many olives. Meanwhile, George whipped up a batch of his special house margaritias, which were perfect, and even topped off with little paper umbrellas!

We then moved on to a Cesar salad with Ginger’s special dressing accompanied by beautiful and tasty cheese popovers! Following this, we were served a cold corn soup with a sprig of basil and a sprinkling of crab. Lucisious!

Our main course was G&G’s famous lemony green beans and grilled swordfish with a lovely chopped tomato/onion/basil topping (there were other spices but I can’t name them all). The fish was done perfectly and the green beans, as usual, were a hit.

We chatted with George and Giner after dinner, giving our stomachs a rest. A local Honduran couple dropped by and they took part in the celebration.

The piece d’resistance was Desert - a chocolate mousse which was light, smooth and beautifully done.

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon, taking a tour of the premises and chatting with everyone. We finally departed just as the sun was going down and enjoyed a lovely boat ride over a calm sea.

It is always a treat to be treated as special and George and Ginger do a great job of it. Next year, I’m going to get a house sitter and make a day of it and have George take us out snorkeling and then have dinner.

If you ever plan a visit to Guanaja, I strongly recommend visiting with George and Ginger and partaking of one of her gourmet meals. You will never regret it! And, if you like, we would be most happy to join you!


  1. Wow, Sharon! What a great day and such a wonderful testimony to all
    that George and Ginger are doing. They really are amazing! Happy
    belated anniversary to you and Mike!!