Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wok your heart out!

I'm still trying to figure out how to put a slideshow in my Blog without it showing up on every single blog I create! The last time I tried a slideshow on glass blowing in Venice, the darn thing showed up on all my blogs, past and present! So, this is another attempt and I hope it works.

We recently went back to George and Ginger's to celebrate her birthday and George treated everyone to a "Wok" meal. The Wok he used was large but, as he said, not one of the largest ones available for restaurants! He cooked up a scrumpuous meal for about 25 people. It was fun to watch him and even more fun to eat it. I love the smell and the taste of this type of cooking and especially love the colors of the vegetables. He made it with chicken and every type of vegetable we could get on the island!

I have always like cooking in a Wok. Heck, everytime I go to San Pedro Sula (twice a year) I get a variety of vegetables, especially snow peas and bok choy, etc. and make a big Chinese-style dinner when I get home. I had been doing this for years until last year when my husband suddendly announced that he really didn't like that type of meal! Of course it took me 22 years to learn he really doesn't like soup either! He's really not fussy and will eat anything but I guess he decided he had had it with this particular fare. Having this meal was a real treat for me and for the others present and my husband even enjoyed it.

Ginger's day was perfect - good weather, good food, and good friends to help her celebrate. So, again, Happy Birthday Ginger and many more!

Next is a wedding! Yummmmm

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  1. I could be wrong, but i sometimes think it's the perception of how things are supposed to be cooked with a wok. Sometimes we, who occassionaly cook with a wok, get it wrong. Food's too crunchy.

    I chose to cook "wok" recipes in a large iron skillet, and get better results. Just a thought...