Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog Announcements

I have been envious of those people that have Blogs which are automatically sent out to people once they post them.  I have always had to send an e-mail informing people that a new blog was available and sometimes I would forget to send the newest Blog to some folks even though I have a "blog address block" of people to send to.  What happens is that I add people and forget to put them in the block, or I forget to subtract people from the block.  

So a fellow Blogger, who uses FeedBurner (a service which simply sends out your Blog after you have posted it), volunteered to set me up.  I tried several times but always ran into problems....guess I was just technically challenged by words like "chicklet" (not a piece of gum), podcasters (how do they get into that pod, or is it like the old movie "Body Snatchers"?), landing page (I thought landings were only at airports) or ${confirmlink}, whatever that means.

Anyway, the service is free and painless (?) and gives the following guarantee:

"Besides being backed by the FeedBurning seal of approval, FeedBurner email has a very specific focus - it is strictly a publisher service. There is no subscriber landing page at FeedBurner and no dashboard for subscribers to log in to and manage their emails."

My friend set me up and then let me loose - a dangerous thing to do sometimes.  I've already made my first mistake by cheerfully filling in a lot of e-mail addresses to my friends/family (some of whom may disown me now) telling them that the purpose of the message was so they could make comments to my Blog without a lot of fuss and muss.  Not! (or is it naught?)
Anyway, my friend received my e-mail and told me that I had entitled all of you to be authors in my Blog!  So, I sent another e-mail disavowing the first e-mail (love to confuse you nice people)asking you to disregard my e-mail.  I then decided to write a Blog on the art and confusion of Blogging!

So, with this Blog, I hope to send out this article by e-mail to all of you.  All you have to do is, when you get it, go to the "Subscribe to Feather Ridge" and enter your e-mail address into the box.  Then, whenever I write a new Blog, you will automatically receive it in your e-mailbox - or, at least that is what I hope for.

Of course, I expect my friend to write me, after pulling her hair out, and say, No, No, No, you've got it wrong again!  But, on the outside chance that this goes through, it is all up to those who want to receive my Blogs on a regular basis to fill in their e-mail address.  Simple, right!  At least I think so.  Of course, if I'm advised that I've messed up again, you will be hearing from me!

Ain't this fun??!

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