Saturday, December 27, 2008

Even Santa made it!

Yes, Santa made it to Guanaja. He showed up on the front porch of Manati just in time for the big Christmas party.

This year was even more special. A long time resident to the sland, Captain Al, turned 80 on Dec. 25th and we turned out to wish him the best. The place was fully decorated and a special corner was dedicated to Capt. Al. Thanks to Geri for being the creative genius behind the decorations; she made a gingerbread house, German sweets for desert, a replica of Capt. Al's first boat and spent many, many hours putting everything together. Her trusty helper, Cathy, helped put up the Christmas tree and hang the crepe paper, streamers and balloons. Santa was donated (for the day) by George and Ginger along with other Christmas decorations.

There was, as always, food in abundance. Most everyone brought a dish and we had a veritable vegetarian paradise at one end of the table. Two turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, salads and vegetable dishes, complete with collared greens, rounded off the great meal. Our friends, Annette and Claus, who run the bar kept everyone's glass full! There was a whole table of deserts and Geri brought a special treat - Malaysian Pear Apples. Her 5-year old tree finally bore fruit this year and she brought a whole crate to share. Wonderful to look at and delicious. Thanks Geri and Al!

People were dressed in their Christmas finest, from hats, ties, earrings, Christmas shirts, etc. The people were a mixture of islanders, residents, sailors and, of course, lots of children. Gifts were handed out and new stories were shared among friends.

To round out the evening we had our regular band members present: Claus (bass), Ian (keyboard and drums and accordion) and Mike (harmonica and hand instruments), plus we were graced with a former resident of Guanaja, Leach (guitar), along with Doyle (guitar), Barry (keyboard) and David (Ian's father) on banjo. What a wonderful sound they made!

Towards the end of the evening, the children were allowed to "demolish" the gingerbread house so that it would not go to waste!

So, now we look forward to New Year's Eve, calm seas, good weather, more food and music and mingling with friends.

Happy New Year to all and my best wishes for a prosperous and wonderful New Year!


  1. Sharon,
    We always appreciatate your blogs about our group in Guanaja. Christmas was very fun this year with Geri's wonderful German treats and her decorations and the mix of Gringos, Germans, and Islanders who made the party special. Great music and good friends.

  2. Nice post about the party Sharon. Thanks for writing it.


  3. Mom: Glad that you have such wonderful friends to spend the holiday with. The party sounded absolutely spectacular. One question though: why no pics of Capt Al??? Does he realize he has the same birthday as Jimmy (Buffett, that is)? Jimmy only turned 62 this year.