Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goals and Life

Over the years I have had many people tell me that I should write a book about our move to Honduras. I would never really consider it because I don’t think that 1) there would be that many people interested in buying it, 2) I think my grammar would need a lot of help and 3) I have too many projects going to even consider it.

One thing I do have and I find interesting (for me at least) is a book my brother put together for my Mother of all the letters I wrote her the first year or so after we arrived on Guanaja. Reading those old letters over are great but, again, there aren’t many people that would be interested in our day-to-day goings on, so the thought of publishing it has never entered my mind. I am presently occupied with creating a “family album” composed of photos of my ancestors/family for my children. I have spent hours and hours scanning photos for the book along with a lot of research which will give my children and Grandchildren at least a look into their background.

I do know that I have experienced a lot more than I would have experienced otherwise if we had not moved to the island. It has been a great learning experience, albeit frustrating at times. I also know that people who are looking to retire should have some sort of hobby or goals to commit to so that when they finally leave that “rat race” they will understand why we smile when people say “What do you do all day?” I do know people that have no hobbies or any direction for their lives to take once they do retire and I feel bad for them. I truly think these people will become bored and frustrated very quickly.

Before we came to the island, I had many interests; sewing, crocheting, stamping, cooking, diving, reading, traveling – well, you get my point. My husband loved to be in the out-of-doors, did some diving and fishing and fix-it projects around the house, but that was the extent of it. He never did much reading, for example, because he was too busy with his job and various activities around the house to take time out for books. He loved to watch football and sports (especially the Olympics), but that was it. Well, moving to an island changed his idea of what he wanted to do with his time. With no T.V., watching sports was out. He is now an avid reader; we both are. We have all types of books and swap them with other foreigners on the island. He doesn’t do much diving or fishing anymore but does putter around with various “maintenance work” around the house. He is handy when it comes to building things I require (a garden house for example) and is always busy with the two boats we own. He loves photography and has a fotolog site on the Web.

I don’t do much crocheting anymore, but do sew occasionally and stamp cards or make books for gifts. I do a lot more cooking than I did when I was busy with an 8-5 job in the U.S. and when I’m not tending to the housework or yard work I manage to snorkel, go for walks, read, and I spend a lot of time on the computer.

I don’t feel that my life is “unfulfilled” for I strongly believe you get out of it what you put in. So, if you are thinking of retiring, no matter when or where you plan on retiring to, get yourself a hobby, get an outside interest and know that you can enjoy your “leisure” years.


  1. Not much to see. I have a photo someplace but with all these computers giving me problems and transferring photos, I'm not sure where it is. I will send one when I find it.

  2. Sharon, you should write a book! We probably all shy away from the task because we think it has to be "War and Peace" or something. But books don't have to be huge 600 page novels. And don't worry about grammar and spelling - that's what editors are for ;)

    But seriously, with your real, practical knowledge of what it takes to "retire" to a foreign country, and your ability to communicate it, such a book would be invaluable to Americans who might be planning to do just that.

    One thing though. Sounds like someone who wants to do what you and Mike did better plan on having more than only one hobby. I suspect that a singular hobby would get old rather quickly. Lucky for you two, your interests are varied enough to keep you occupied.

    So write that book! Don't let La Gringa beat you to it, heh-heh.

    Oh, and you said in the other post that you had to increase your income by an additional one-half. How on earth...especially on earth in Guanaja...did you manage that??

  3. Sharon,
    Anytime I thought of moving to the tropics full time, I imagined it to be just like the way you and your husband are living it.

    I wish you the best, and if at anytime you have second thoughts about your choice, think of me in bumper to bumper traffic on my way to who knows where in the good 'ol USA!