Monday, May 19, 2008

There is no honor among thieves

How often have we heard “there is no honor among thieves”? Of course, among thieves they say they have a code which binds them together, protecting each other wherein they stand fast in their defense of their “brothers”. However, this is simply a ploy to get them to join in a gang, as there is always strength in numbers. This so called “honor” goes no further than within their own group.

Recently, on Sunday morning, May 4th, at 8:30 am, on the Mainland of Honduras, as the children of the orphanage Hogar de Amor were all getting up, the building was assaulted by 3 masked and armed men. Children, volunteers and staff were threatened and robbed. The threats have continued. It has been an extremely traumatic time for the children and staff. Just before that date the Hogar had celebrated its One Year Anniversary of 19 new children coming to live at the facility.

I am horrified that thieves would enter an orphanage where there are innocent children who have lived through traumatic experiences and had hoped to find a haven of comfort, rest and security, only to be threatened and robbed. I support Hogar de Amor and believe they do a wonderful job in helping the lost children of Honduras. These robbers are without morals or feelings and are indeed without courage.

The island of Guanaja has it share of crime but, thankfully, we have no orphanages here. Children and even adults are taken care of, in general, by the community. We have very little criminal activity having to do with children, although there have been a few isolated incidences. All in all these were reported to having been done by people who came over from the Mainland. We have no kidnappings….I mean where would they go and hide on an island where everyone knows everyone else?

We have had two bank robberies but they only happened within the last 9 years and with the security now I doubt we will have any more. We do not have armed guards at the doorways to business establishments as they do on the Mainland and one can set down packages and not worry about someone taking off with them. Oh, occasionally it does happen. Generally when the fishing boats are back on the island the season is closed for a few months, these people run out of money and turn to crime. We have our share of stolen boats, motors, generators and breakins to uninhabited homes, but everyone knows who has done it and with a little sleuthing one can get their items back - if they move quickly enough. Yes, sometimes things that are stolen remain stolen - it is not a perfect society.

So, I am dismayed that these thieves would stoop to such a low level to endanger children of an orphanage and even rob it! I hope they are found and punished but knowing the way of the law as reported on the Mainland, there is little likelihood of that happening.

Heaven protect our youngsters from the honor of thieves!

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  1. This is a very strange situation. Why would anybody want to rob an orphanage?? God knows there's not a lot of money or valuables lying around...

    I guess it just shows how desperate things are getting on mainland Honduras. Sad. It's not a good sign. You say, "Heaven protect our youngsters," and it's true. But it's also too bad that the Honduran government is incapable of doing fact, seems incapable of doing anything productive.

    Such a mess.