Friday, February 1, 2008

The weather today is mostly out-of-doors

My husband always says "the weather today is mostly out-of-doors," and it always makes me smile.

This time of year is one of my favorite on the island. We have balmy breezes with moderate temperatures and cool evenings to make sleeping more comfortable. I am able to work out in the yard without getting drenched in perspiration (I'm a lady, and ladies don't sweat - at least that is what I've been told).

I am not a great gardener but love puttering around and creating islands of colors in my yard. I also throw in a little "artsy work" by decorating with driftwood or making concrete plaques which I have stamped sayings into.

As I said, I'm not a great gardener and, fortunately, here on the island as was in Florida, things seem to take care of themselves with little effort. Some watering, a little fertilizer and one can make beauty without being a horticulturist. I love being able to stick cuttings in the ground and go back in a few weeks and find a plant has taken root and is growing! I am not as dedicated to it as my friend on the other side of the island, but I still have fun and am thrilled when everything is in bloom. Now, I just wish the bugs were a little less active and hungry!

Also, this time of year it is nicer to bake for two reasons: 1) the sun is shinning and I can run my oven. Now you may ask why that is unusual. Why unusual? You see my gas oven has an electronic thermostat which requires electricity to operate it. Some ovens can be converted so that electrical power is not necessary to light the oven and maintain the proper temperature, but mine, unfortunately, is not one of those. And 2) because I get my power using solar energy, and my husband is very watchful of what I do when it comes to great consumptions of power! So, the oven can be used on sunny days, preferably in the morning hours so the batteries can recharge properly. On cloudy days a scowl will cross his face if I even mention the possibility of using the oven. HOWEVER, he seems not to mind if I mention that I will bake him brownies or make an apple pie! The same goes if I'm game to make his favorite: Passion Fruit Ice Cream! Then it is ok to get out the ice cream maker and use electrical power to produce a fabulous desert!

Even cleaning up around the house is easier as the temperature indoors is more comfortable. But, when it is this nice and if I'm not out-of-doors, I'm up in my craft room sewing or creating "creations".

Once we get into summer and there is no rain, going outside is a little more of challenge. And, you can forget it entirely in late August and all of September when our breeze dies to nothing, the temperature shoots up a little and the bugs are out in bigger numbers! That is the time we lay under the fan and read!

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  1. Wow, nice pics! Especially the sunset-over-Roatan one. Almost makes me want to be back down there. Almost. Maybe I'll come back down incognito, and we can slip off to Bo's and have a Flor-de-Cana and Coke. Or ten. While watching such a sunset in real life and time. And get something to eat. Fish or chicken would be good. No red meat for me - not after seeing your last post about the meat market in Guanaja. Yikes!

    The real world does get old, and there are times when I miss the slower pace and easy, simple living of Guanaja (but not the sand fleas). Those were the days! One thing on my list is to learn how to play the guitar so I can sit in at Manati with...what's the name of Mike and Ian's band again?