Sunday, December 9, 2007

Guanaja Boys Band

This was a Christmas present for my husband, the harmonica player. The band has a favorite song they play, "On the Cover of the Rolling Stones" and I thought it would be fun if he finally got his picture there.

There was a site on-line that allows you to take your photo and superimpose it on the magazine cover of your choice. Since I'm not reproducing this for commercial gain and it is a joke gift for my husband (simply displayed on our computer), I thought it would be OK to put it on my blog.

My husband has found a new goal shall we say in life! Retirement on an island presents a lot of challenges and a lot of work and he was looking for a diversion. He expressed a desire about four years ago to start playing an instrument and since his hand had been injured in a boating incident, he could not play his Ukulele. He mentioned, in passing, the harmonica. I make it a habit to keep this type of information in the back of my mind so I will have something to buy him for his Birthday/Christmas presents that he will like. Thus, I immediately went home and ordered him a harmonica. He took to it like a duck to water and now has about 8 different harmonicas and will, most likely, ordering more complicated ones in the future.

He has a natural talent for it and when he doesn't play he sings along with the band in harmony and is the inspiration behind for the "band practices".

Because our piano player travels between La Ceiba and Guanaja, we don't always have a band to play at the local bar/restaurant. But when they are all together they really provide much appreciated music and fun for all.

Now he is just waiting for the talent scouts!

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