Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update on Saving Lives

Well, I felt duty-bound to report on the woman, Firmora, that we saved from drowning in the ocean last weekend.

We did confirm that she, unfortunately, has been using drugs (specifically cocaine) for over 10 years along with being an alcoholic. Lately, however, she has been in a drug rehab program trying to kick her daily habit and, from all reports, was adhering to the teachings.

She must have fallen off the wagon, so to speak, as she evidentially was on a high when we picked her up. After leaving the dock (as there was nothing more we could do), we were advised that she "came to" after 5 minutes or more, got up, looked around and jumped back into the ocean! People in boats nearby tried to rescue her but she thwarted their efforts. Finally, someone on the dock got the police and told them to go out, rescue her and put her in jail for her own protection. I have heard no further reports as to whether or not they were successful.

I feel sorry for this woman who must have serious problems and seems to have a death wish.

I know of a young island man who had a cocaine habit and was discovered by his employer. His friends and family had long talks with him and he finally decided to take the step and go into the drug rehab program currently being provided for on the island by a small group of Americans. This bright, intelligent, talented, wonderful individual is now in the program and when I ran into him yesterday he was full of hope. I had a few talks with him in the past trying to convince him to get off drugs and get help. To see this individual finally aware that it was drugs that was pulling him down was wonderful. He realizes now that there is more to life and he has far more to contribute to the world by being drug free. He has hope and goals for his future and, so far, is sincere in his quest of them. He has friends/family and his God to guide him and is full of hope. I reminded him that he had a long road ahead, temptations would come his way but that I had full faith in his abilities to conquer all. I told him a lot of people wanted him to be better and that we were all there for him. He said he now realizes that his life has more meaning and he wants to do something more important than just feeling "high" for a short time.

It is simply a shame that there are so many more people out there that can't seem to break away and feel that their life is hopeless. I am extremely thankful for the small group of people who are presently on the island trying to make a difference and offering a program to the young people to help them avoid the perils of drugs and/or help them get off of them.

I wish him and all those wanting to get their lives back, the best of luck.

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  1. not neccesarily a death wish...maybe the ocean gave some sort of relief from a bad trip....I dont know its just an idea, either way its bad to be using dope