Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Are you ready for retirement?

We have been retired for about 10 years and made the decision to retire early so we could get some enjoyment out of our lives instead of driving in traffic, working long hours and only having a little free time for ourselves.

We have never regretted the decision to make the move to Guanaja and when we talk to our friends that are still working the same old grind we are surprised at some of their comments. One friend in particular just can't seem to find anytime for her private life. She is so wrapped up in her job that she would live at her desk if she could. I have seen cases where she has taken vacation days from the job to be with visiting relatives and then gone to work 4 days out of the 5 they were at her home and she felt she simply had to go into work to finish up some sort of "emergency". She says that she cannot imagine being retired - what would she do? How would she be fulfilled? What satisfaction would she get out of it?

Having been away from the 8-5 working world, I can truly say that no matter what you have been doing, unless it was something earth shattering or you were making decisions that would affect the lives of millions, than nothing you are doing is more fulfilling and satisfying than taking care of yourself and your loved ones. I rarely have a boring moment; I am constantly taking care of things around the house albeit the garden, the inside of the home, cooking, creating new craft projects, laundry, gardening or maintenance. Living on an island presents a whole new concept as to what one must do just to live day to day. Guanaja has no roads and all travel is by boat or, if you are lucky, many places can be reached on foot. Until a couple of years ago, total communication (for the most part) was via VHF radio. We did have telephones but there were very fews lines and the number of phones was limited (besides, service was poor). We now have internet and cell phones. While I am overjoyed at having internet and e-mail which allows me to be in touch with my family and friends, cell phones are another thing. Cell phone ettiqute is much needed here and in the States. It is a wonderful convenience, however, so I will put up with the rudeness of people in public places who feel their every thought must be shared by all present.

Sorry, I digress. Living in Paradise, while having many drawbacks, has been a wonderful opportunity for my husband and me. I believe the stress level will allow us a healthier life and maybe a longer one.

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